What is FESS?

FESS is an advanced surgical procedure that is referred to as functional endoscopic sinus surgery. This is a modern treatment performed with the latest medical technology to cure sinusitis. In this surgical procedure, an ENT surgeon will use a magnifying endoscope for guidance to remove the obstruction in the sinus cavity while restoring the normal function of the affected sinus. FESS is considered the safest and most effective treatment to cure severe sinusitis nowadays. As conventional methods used to cure the sinusitis are performed by making an incision directly on the face to access the affected sinus. The conventional methods have higher chances of risk which may lead to bleeding, late recovery, and more prone to infections. In comparison, FESS is painless, scarless, has a faster recovery duration, and has almost no chances of infection. If you are having sinus problems, book an appointment with one of the best ENT specialists in Bhubaneswar and undergo FESS at the hands of experienced doctors.

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An ENT specialist will perform a physical exam to evaluate the severity of the affected sinus. There are a few diagnostic tests the specialist will recommend to detect the complexity and to choose the best-suited technique to initiate the treatment for sinusitis to evaluate the affected sinus.
  • Allergy tests
  • CT scan
  • MRI scan
  • X-Ray
If your diagnosis suggests that your sinus infection can be treated without surgery, your ENT specialist will prescribe you medications including antibiotics and nasal drops to treat the infection. The doctor will also recommend some other natural remedies or lifestyle changes to treat the condition. Surgery for sinusitis is chosen for patients with severe or chronic sinusitis that could not be treated with nonsurgical treatments. FESS surgery in Bhubaneswar is performed under the influence of anesthesia (local or general, depending on the preference of the patient). The procedure is done inside the nose and thus there will be no external incisions or stitches. The surgeon will use modern surgical instruments with minimally invasive technique to unblock the sinuses. During FESS, small amounts of bone and swollen lining blocking the sinuses may be removed. After your sinusitis surgery, the inflammation will settle down and your symptoms will start to get better. To know more about FESS and how this surgery can improve your life, book your consultation with the best ENT doctors for sinusitis surgery Bhubaneswar.
  • Bleeding or spinal fluid leak
  • Recurrence of sinus disease
  • Visual problems or even blindness is the worst-case scenario
  • Alteration in the sense of smell and taste
  • Facial pain or swelling around the eyes
  • Change in the resonance or voice quality
  • Extraocular muscle injury
  • Persistent diplopia
  • Nasolacrimal duct injury
  • Orbital hemorrhage or hematoma
  • Orbital foreign body
  • Optic nerve injury
  • Elevate your head to minimize bleeding and reduce swelling after the surgery.
  • If you have splints in your nose, keep them in place. If they get clogged, breathe through your mouth and do not remove the packing or splints.
  • Do not blow your nose for at least a week after surgery.
  • Do not lift heavy weights or perform strenuous exercises that can cause straining.
  • If you have to sneeze or cough, try doing it with an open mouth.
  • Don’t take aspirin as it can slow down the clotting process and increase the chances of excessive bleeding.
  • Visit the doctor for regular follow-ups.
  • Contact your surgeon if you experience persistent pain, bleeding, breathing issues, etc.

Frequently Asked Question

You can get relief from painful symptoms of sinusitis to enhance the quality of life. Some of the symptoms that can get fixed through FESS are:

  • Striking headache
  • Nasal inflammation
  • Reduced sense of smell
  • Overproduction of mucus
  • Nasal discharge
  • Sore throat
  • Nasal congestion
  • Pain around the sinuses’ region
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Swelling around the sinuses’ region
  • Fever
  • Fatigue

Most medical insurance providers in Pune offer coverage for FESS. However, the medical insurance policy coverage may differ from one patient to another depending on the various factors such as the type of medical policy a person has taken, the company from whom one has taken the insurance, etc.
The FESS surgery is minimally invasive and an outpatient procedure that may last 30-50 minutes depending on the severity of the condition and the type of sinus that is affected. The FESS is performed with the help of the latest and USFDA approved medical technology, i.e, an endoscopic technique that makes the surgical procedure smooth.
No. FESS is a daycare procedure. It is a modern procedure that is generally performed by an expert ENT who has a specialization in endoscopic surgeries. The doctor generally takes 30-50 minutes to perform the procedure. Once the anesthesia wears off post FESS surgery, the nurse may check your vitals to evaluate. If the vitals are regular, the specialist will allow the discharge, and you can go home on the same day of the surgery.
The average cost of FESS surgical procedure in Bhubaneswar may range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 70,000. However, the mentioned is an average cost which may vary depending on several factors like locality of the hospital, the type of sinus affected, etc.
Some of the contributing factors that may affect the final cost of the sinusitis treatment:
  • Consultation fees of an ENT specialist
  • Diagnostic tests a patient needs to get during the treatment
  • Medication prescribed by the doctor pre and post-treatment
  • Charges of hospital’s admission until discharge
  • The location where the hospital is situated
  • Type of technique used during the treatment to cure the condition
  • The severity of the sinusitis
No. With the advanced medical technology and equipment used during a surgical procedure, the treatment has become a daycare. However, the expertise of the doctor matters a lot in endoscopic surgeries. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult a well-experienced ENT specialist to undergo FESS surgery.
No. FESS or sinus surgery is not a painful procedure. The surgical procedure is performed under the influence of anesthesia and with modern medical instruments, which make the surgery painless. However, there is a possibility you may feel discomfort post-surgery that usually gets managed with the medication prescribed by your specialist.

How can you prepare for FESS?

There are a few tips that can help you in preparation before sinus surgery which may lead to a smoother surgery experience:

  • It is recommended by the doctor not to eat and drink 8 hours before the FESS surgery.
  • Discuss your current medical condition with your doctor or medication if you are taking any.
  • Avoid wearing makeup on the day of the sinus surgery
  • Avoid taking any medication before sinus surgery unless it is prescribed by the specialist.
  • Wear loose clothes on the day of the surgery to feel comfortable.

Tips for recovery post FESS or sinus surgery

Some of the recovery tips post FESS surgery that may promote your recovery duration:

  • Use two pillows to keep below your head to elevate it while sleeping
  • Avoid blowing your nose post FESS for two to three weeks to avoid any complications
  • Avoid swimming for at least three to four weeks post FESS surgery 
  • Maintain dental hygiene to eliminate the risk of infection
  • Use saline water for nasal washes to keep the nostrils clean
  • Drink plenty of fluids to keep the body hydrated
  • Eat fiber-rich foods to keep regular bowel movements
  • Avoid sneezing with mouth closed post sinus surgery
  • Take given medications on time to support the healing process
  • Do not skip follow-up consultations post FESS treatment to avoid complications

What common questions can you ask an ENT expert if you plan to undergo FESS?

Some of the most common questions you can ask your ENT specialist during an appointment:

  • How long does it take to recover from FESS?
  • When can I resume my work post FESS?
  • Is FESS necessary to cure sinus infections?
  • What are the diagnostic tests I need to get for FESS?
  • Are there any food restrictions post FESS?
  • When can I resume gym post FESS surgery?
  • Is FESS a painful surgery?

What are the benefits of advanced FESS surgery?

FESS is a modern and advanced surgical procedure to cure sinusitis. As suggested by the doctors, undergoing FESS is better as compared to traditional procedures. A few of the benefits of undergoing FESS are:

  • FESS is an outpatient procedure that may last 30-50 minutes
  • The surgical procedure is minimally invasive 
  • This is a scarless procedure where incisions are made inside 
  • FESS has long-lasting results 
  • It has a faster recovery duration
  • FESS has almost no chances of risk
  • It has minimal blood loss
  • FESS has a better success rate
  • Almost no risk of infection


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