What is FESS?

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is a minimally invasive surgical procedure carried out for the treatment of sinus disease or infection. The procedure involves the usage of nasal endoscopes to enlarge the pathways of the paranasal sinuses. It is often suggested for the treatment of inflammatory or infectious sinus diseases that usually don’t respond to medical treatments. These conditions include nasal polyps, decompression of eye sockets, chronic rhinosinusitis, etc. If you are having sinus problems, book an appointment with one of the best ENT specialists in Bangalore and undergo FESS at the hands of experienced doctors.

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To diagnose sinusitis, the doctor will check the inside of your nose and will check the tenderness in the nose and face. The doctor may also use diagnostics including-
  • Allergy test – If there is a possibility that the sinusitis is triggered by allergies, the ENT doctor may recommend an allergy test.
  • Nasal and sinus cultures – If chronic or recurrent sinusitis does not respond to treatment and is worsening, the doctor may recommend tissue cultures to determine the cause and type of sinusitis.
  • Nasal Endoscopy – the doctor may use a thin endoscope that will be inserted through the nose to allow the doctor to see inside the sinuses. This procedure is also known as rhinoscopy.
  • Imaging – An MRI or CT scan may be used to check details of the sinuses. These imaging tests can pinpoint deep inflammation or obstructions that would be otherwise difficult to detect with an endoscopy.
If your diagnosis suggests that your sinus infection can be treated without surgery, your ENT specialist will prescribe you medications including antibiotics and nasal drops to treat the infection. The doctor will also recommend some other natural remedies or lifestyle changes to treat the condition. Surgery for sinusitis is chosen for patients with severe or chronic sinusitis that could not be treated with nonsurgical treatments. FESS surgery in Bangalore is performed under the influence of anesthesia (local or general, depending on the preference of the patient). The procedure is done inside the nose and thus there will be no external incisions or stitches. The surgeon will use modern surgical instruments with minimally invasive technique to unblock the sinuses. During FESS, small amounts of bone and swollen lining blocking the sinuses may be removed. After your sinusitis surgery, the inflammation will settle down and your symptoms will start to get better. To know more about FESS and how this surgery can improve your life, book your consultation with the best ENT doctors for sinusitis surgery Bangalore.
  • Bleeding or spinal fluid leak
  • Recurrence of sinus disease
  • Visual problems or even blindness is the worst-case scenario
  • Alteration in the sense of smell and taste
  • Facial pain or swelling around the eyes
  • Change in the resonance or voice quality
  • Extraocular muscle injury
  • Persistent diplopia
  • Nasolacrimal duct injury
  • Orbital hemorrhage or hematoma
  • Orbital foreign body
  • Optic nerve injury
  • Elevate your head to minimize bleeding and reduce swelling after the surgery.
  • If you have splints in your nose, keep them in place. If they get clogged, breathe through your mouth and do not remove the packing or splints.
  • Do not blow your nose for at least a week after surgery.
  • Do not lift heavy weights or perform strenuous exercises that can cause straining.
  • If you have to sneeze or cough, try doing it with an open mouth.
  • Don’t take aspirin as it can slow down the clotting process and increase the chances of excessive bleeding.
  • Visit the doctor for regular follow-ups.
  • Contact your surgeon if you experience persistent pain, bleeding, breathing issues, etc.

Frequently Asked Question

Anyone can get a sinus infection. However, individuals with nasal allergies, polyps, asthma and abnormal nose structure are at a higher risk of developing sinusitis. Also, smokers are more likely to get repeated episodes of sinus infection. If you are suffering from sinus infection, wait no more and get yourself treated by the best ENT doctors for sinusitis treatment in Bangalore.

It is advised to not blow your nose for the first 48 hours after your sinus surgery. You can still wipe gently if you have to. Ask your ENT doctor when you can begin to gently blow your nose.
You can expect to go home the same day after your FESS surgery in Bangalore. Some patients might be recommended to stay at the hospital for one night.
Most patients return to regular life 2 to 3 days after their sinusitis surgery. Our ENT doctors and surgeons use the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques to perform ENT surgeries, which allow the patient to return to his or her regular life including office routine and daily errands soon after the surgery. To gather more information about FESS surgery in Bangalore, its procedure and advantages, contact us.
It is common to have a nose block after FESS surgery. You may feel that your nose is blocked and may also have some mild pain for a few weeks after the surgery. Painkillers prescribed by your ENT doctor will help reduce this pain If you develop severe headache or pain, you should contact your ENT doctor right away.
Sinusitis caused due to viral infections may clear up on its own after a couple of weeks with the use of natural remedies. On the other hand, bacterial infections are more persistent and may benefit from antibiotic treatment. Connect with our top doctors to find the right solution for your sinusitis treatment in Bangalore.
Determining if your child has a sinus infection or just a cold can be confusing. Some of the signs of sinus infection or sinusitis to look out for include cough, nasal discharge that lasts more than 10 days, swelling and pain around the eyes, persistent thick yellow mucus discharge, headaches and bad breath. If your child has such symptoms and is feeling ill, you should get it checked by an ENT doctor as it might be sinusitis.
Some sinus infections will go on their own and will not require treatment, while others will require treatments, such as medications, nasal sprays or surgery. It is important to get the correct treatment and seek medical assistance if you feel that your health and quality of life is being compromised. We will be happy to provide you the best sinus treatment options in Bangalore that suit your individual needs and requirements.

Find relief from chronic sinusitis with the help of top ENT doctors in Bangalore

Sinusitis is the inflammation of the sinuses and nasal cavities (small air filled pockets present in the cheekbones, eyes, nose, and behind the forehead. Inflammation of sinuses prevents the normal drainage of the fluids and allows the rapid growth of bacteria, viruses, and other germs. Sinusitis is fairly common in people of all ages and if it is chronic (means that it keeps coming back), medical treatment is needed. 

Your initial treatment for sinusitis will begin with nonsurgical treatments, lifestyle modifications and natural remedies. But if they do not provide help, surgery for sinusitis must be considered.

At ENT Specialist, our board-certified doctors and surgeons treat sinusitis with less invasive and scar-free functional endoscopic sinusitis surgery (FESS). To visit our clinic, call us and we will help you schedule an appointment with top ENT doctors in Bangalore.  

At ENT-Specialist, find the correct treatment for your sinusitis/ sinus infection in Bangalore 

Our highly-qualified ENT specialists in Bangalore perform detailed diagnosis and tests to determine the extent of the sinus infection.If you or your child is diagnosed with bacterial sinusitis, our doctor will likely recommend prescription antibiotics. For some individuals, use of steroid shots helps provide effective relief from recurring or chronic sinusitis. If the doctor suspects that the sinusitis may be caused due to an underlying allergy trigger, a full allergy evaluation would be recommended. Severe cases of sinusitis may need surgery. Functional endoscopic sinusitis surgery or FESS is a less invasive procedure that clears the sinus and nasal cavities. FESS is a very successful procedure and most people find long-term relief from recurring sinusitis with this surgery. Our team of doctors will work closely with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that treats your specific type of sinusitis and a recovery plan to help quickly return to regular life post-surgery. 

Our top ENT doctors for surgical and nonsurgical treatment of sinusitis in Bangalore

  • Dr. Chaithra B G-  ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist in Whitefield, Bangalore and has an experience of 10 years in this field. She completed MBBS from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in 2011,MS – ENT from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in 2017 and DNB – ENT from National Board Of Examination in 2017. 

  • Dr. Sriram Nathan–  ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist in Seegehalli, Bangalore and has an experience of 19 years in this field. Dr. Sriram Nathan practices at Aegis Medicare Multi-Speciality Clinic & Diagnostics in Seegehalli, Bangalore and Apollo Cradle in AECS Layout, Bangalore. He completed MBBS from Medical College, Calcutta in 2002,Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in 2006 and DNB – Otorhinolaryngology from National Board of Examination, India in 2009.

  • Dr. Madhu Sudhan V – Gold medalist ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist in Indiranagar, Bangalore and has an experience of 7 years in this field. DHe completed MS- ENT from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College in Mumbai ( Maharashtra University of health science ) and MBBS from Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College, Kolar in 2012 . He secured the Maharashtra University Gold medal in MS- ENT for securing the highest marks in post graduate exams. He also secured a gold medal in the MBBS course in Kolar.

  • Dr. Madan Gopi– ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist in Malleswaram, Bangalore and has an experience of 12 years in this field. He completed MBBS from Pondicherry University in 2009,MS – ENT from Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences and Research in 2016 and Fellowship in Snoring and Sleep Apnea from Speciality Ear, Nose, Throat Hospital in 2019.

  • Dr. Manu Bharat K – A meritorious ENT and Head & Neck surgeon/ Otorhinolaryngologist in Jayanagar, Bangalore and has an experience of 10+ years in this field. He completed his MS ENT and Head & Neck Surgery from Dr Vasantrao Pawar Medical College and Research Centre, Nashik (Maharashtra University of health sciences, Nashik), and MBBS from JSS Medical College, Mysore in 2009. He secured a distinction in MS ENT and Head & Neck Surgery in the Post-Graduate Exams. He also secured a gold medal in ENT during his MBBS course in Mysore.

  • Dr. Gladson Guddappa Uchil-  An ENT/ Otolaryngologist, Rhinologist, and Head and Neck Surgeon in Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore and has an experience of 20 years.

  • Dr. Himani Indeewar- She completed MBBS from J.L.N. medical college, Ajmer, Rajasthan in 2010, MS – ENT from J.L.N. medical college, Ajmer, Rajasthan in 2014 and DNB – Otorhinolaryngology from National Board Of Examination in 2016. Further, she has completed her fellowship in head and neck oncosurgery from GCRI, Ahmedabad and has 10 years of experience.

  • Dr. Raghavendra K S – He practices at Narayana Health- Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center Bommasandra and Narayana Health Hospital HSR Layout. He has work experience of 10 years.

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